Béla Bollobás: The Spread of Infection

From the Numberplay from July 8, 2013. Choose the height and width of the grid below, as well as the rate of infection - how many adjacent cells (north, east, south, west) need to be infected to spread. Click cells to infect.

"Step" steps through the simulation. "Mark" to store the table to reset and "Restore" to go back to the marked version. "Reset" resets the marked grid

"Set up" to clear entirely and start over.



Simulate total grid infection, given probability of each cell's being infected at start, or given a proportion of randomly distributed infected cells at start. Uses grid height/width and rate from other side.

Do 5 100-trial simulations at full range of r
Note: more than 10000 trials with "proportion" may take unacceptably long...

Copy the text below (reflects current configuration) to preserve/share; paste in different text & click restore to apply the pasted configuration.

Complete grid infections: