Gary Hewitt's Numberplay Commenting Enhancer

Drag this link —Numberplay enhancer — to your bookmark bar at the top of the browser. For more information on using bookmarklets, has this FAQ.

Use the enhancer bookmarklet when you're reading Numberplay and it will enhance the comment interface ... It actually works on most of the NYT blogs, but performance is best when there are under 200 comments.

January 26, 2014 The NYT redesign has broken a number of features of the enhancer. Watch as they get restored.

March 23, 2014 Most of the features have been adapted to the NYT redesign.

Former and current enhancements include:

More ideas are welcome. Comment in Numberplay or e-mail me: my first name {at} my domain name, which is so you can figure it out even if the spammers can't.

For iPad users... Copy the text in the box below. Bookmark this page. Edit your bookmarks, and then replace the URL to this page with the text you copied. Now you can use that bookmark as a fix.